Next generation AI – as a Service

We’ve set out to build a true Artificial General Intelligence Platform capable of handling uncertainty, cross domain knowledge transfer and autonomous learning in multiple environments and verticals. It requires less data, scale with experience, and is platform independent.

In addition, we significantly minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and risk in using AI.

This is intelligence by Desupervised.


Custom AI as a Service (AIaaS) for use in your own or other applications.

The integration takes place via a standardized API that acts as a single entry point to the platform.

Our services enables you to streamline complicated processes, provide better predictions and recommendations in complex contexts or perform high quality work with significantly fewer errors.

So if you need to predict, qualify, diagnose, optimize, streamline, prioritize or identify a state, object, process, effort or pattern, we have the AI you need.

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There is a lot of issues with AI as we have known it until now.

It doesn’t really understand the tasks it’s solving. Therefore, it has no way of filtering good from bad using common sense and needs piles of data for training.

On top of that 99% of all AI’s are narrow hardcoded on premise solutions. They are, expensive to design, build, train, calibrate and upgrade. Not to mention to document.

The work is often done by external consultants or volatile employees. AI staff is notoriously hard and expensive to attract, hire, develop and retain.

It’s basically unsafe, unintelligent, expensive and inaccessible.


We are AI explorers with “can-do” attitude

We have an outstanding team with backgrounds from theoretical physics, applied mathematics and economy. Everyone on the team is highly creative and has a long experience in Machine Learning and AI. For example, one of our employees has built an Investment optimization system that financed his way through school and university days and another has implemented his own probabilistic DSL.

We are always looking for new specialists for our team so if you think you have what it takes, share our values and would like to join us on our journey, please get in touch.


We are on a mission to help companies innovate, boost and recharge their products or services with AI.

More to the point we believe that the consequences of us becoming more and more able to solve problems using AI we also need to make sure that we are acting responsibly.

The late Stephen Hawking once said, that AI is either the best or worst ever to happen to humanity.

We believe in the first scenario. To realize it we need to develop smarter, safer and more accessible AI.

That’s our mission and our core.


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